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Health and Fitness

Bootcamp. Intensity. Efficency. Results.

Bootcamp is a high intensity program aimed to teach total mental and physical fitness. We will help you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, and improve your overall health and appearance.

What's in it for me? What can BOOT CAMP do for me?

The goals are simple: health and fitness. The program is patterned after the workouts of recruits in Marine Corps boot camp and the results are proven. Weight / fat loss, muscle strength and tone, strong heart and lungs, increased endurance and stamina are but a few of the physical benefits you'll get from MA2 Limited BOOT CAMP. Add to that an increase in self-confidence, youthful appearance, well being, positive attitude, and increased energy.


Our instructors will inspire you to exercise determination and maintain motivation. Breaking bad habits is one of the most challenging things that one can face. Together, we will replace bad habits with good ones. You will develop habits that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, good health, and mental clarity.


We will help you set goals and reach them, show you how to do an exercise; educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition.