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Mixed Martial Arts Training

Modern mixed martial arts competition or MMA has only a short history, as the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event took place on November 12, 1993. However, martial artists of different backgrounds have been fighting for years leading up to the burgeoning modern day interest in full contact combat athletic endeavors. In accordance, this full contact combat sport is growing in popularity at an amazing rate.


Today’s MMA mentality is about individual practitioners choosing to meld only the physical techniques from seemingly unrelated martial arts. For example, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo and boxing might work for one practitioner but not for another practitioner. Furthermore, the goal of the MMA fighter is not to create a new martial art or become a master or follow a codified moral philosophical path but to use his personal hybrid to compete or train in self-defense.


Typically, MMA training includes practicing and combining several stand-up fighting styles (boxing, clinch fighting, muay Thai) and several brands of grappling techniques from various arts (judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo). The practitioner also trains in several ground-fighting methods (Brazilian jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling).